17 Coolest Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

17 Coolest Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

Today’s gadgets are made with respect to your privacy, your data and even your comfort. And some even broaden your ways to control reality.

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0:00 Introduction
0:21 LensCase Carbon Fiber Case: https://bit.ly/3o8GlzC
0:46 LaCie Portable HDD: https://howl.me/ciJoDbDLWma
LaCie Boss SSD: https://bit.ly/3uQrKwc
1:22 MagLoop Magnetic Power Bank: https://geni.us/PortableWallCharger
Pandora Portable Power Bank: https://geni.us/PandoraPortablePower
1:53 StinkBOSS Shoe Deodorizer: https://geni.us/ShoeDeodorizer
2:22 Trene Control Alarm: https://bit.ly/3Pjdxjy
2:54 Vaultek LifePod Travel Case: https://geni.us/TravelCase
3:39 Ulla Reminder to Drink More Water Bottles: https://geni.us/SmartHydrationReminder
4:07 Wainlux Z5-Handheld Metal Laser: https://bit.ly/3cmpGpy
4:48 VANZY Ring: https://bit.ly/3RBMe5H
5:29 Ozobot Evo: https://bit.ly/3yOuATw
6:13 Rechargeable Book Light for Glasses: https://geni.us/GlassesBookLight
6:42 Tech Organizer Attachable to Your Devices: https://geni.us/BeblauShift || https://geni.us/BeblauShiftPro || https://geni.us/BeblauSlim || https://geni.us/BeblauFold
7:11 Pull-up Handles: https://geni.us/PullUpHandles
7:52 The Masking Master: https://bit.ly/3ILRHDa
8:32 WrisLax – Wearable Wrist Massager: https://bit.ly/3cjo5R4
9:06 NEBO Flashlight: https://geni.us/NEBOKeychainFlashlight
9:46 DJI Mic – Wireless Microphone System: https://howl.me/cip2tgfPeIb

Price chart:
$ – under $50
$$ – $50 – $100
$$$ – $100 – $500
$$$$ – $500+

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  • comment-avatar
    Gadgets for Geek 1 year

    Wonderful video

  • comment-avatar
    JP 1 year

    We all pretty much just went out of our ways to find an extra long ad for things we never knew about.

    Great products, though. 👍

  • comment-avatar
    Monkey Haters 1 year

    The only thing cheap anymore
    Is the quality of the merchandise you buy..

  • comment-avatar
    exxautube 1 year

    why are you yelling through the whole video?

  • comment-avatar
    Harrick V Harrick 1 year

    So what is what we see on the still image?

  • comment-avatar
    big fish 1 year

    Let me understand this.. I can ‘actually buy’ a phone case !? How this world is changing.

  • comment-avatar
    only1muppet 1 year

    $48 dollars for a masking tape applicator?!!!! That’s stupid and way over priced

  • comment-avatar
    Lyle M 1 year

    wish you would show how much each product costs. $$$$

  • comment-avatar
    Trip333s 1 year

    Oh yea I definitely need that lil R2D2 lookin ahhhh mf

  • comment-avatar
    Espy Box 1 year

    Some very cool ideas 🙌

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