There are 6 Huge MMOs on the way! One of these will likely overtake WOW!

There are 6 Huge MMOs on the way! One of these will likely overtake WOW!

This is a great time to be an MMO fan. The genre has 6 massive titles schedule for release as early as this year. Lets dive into all of them and talk about everything we know so far.

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Riot MMO, Ashes of Creation, Bellatores, Mandalorian MMO, Throne and Liberty, Fractured Online

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  • comment-avatar
    Lucky Ghost 2 years

    Thanks for watching! Like and Sub for more MMO Content!
    Try Fractured Online for FREE this week May 25 through June 2 at this link

  • comment-avatar
    Master lee 2 years

    MMO populations seem very small.

  • comment-avatar
    Rhin Hao 2 years

    I just want aion 1.0 back that’s better than 99% of the games nowadays

  • comment-avatar
    Ushosk 1 year

    Ashes of Creation, Palia, Zenimax, and maybe Riot

  • comment-avatar
    Feracitus 1 year

    Holy trinity for me was always tank/heal/slows =P

  • comment-avatar
    Sandra Stevens 1 year

    What I hate the most about all these hyped mmo’s is the p2p and the auto factor. Your character just does everything by itself, and you’re left with just constantly updating and confusing what the game is actually about.
    That’s why any of these games are not even close to wow.

  • comment-avatar
    rubberbudgies 1 year

    i just want to play because i want to, not because i have to.

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony Claughan 1 year

    One of these will likely overtake WOW Not one of them will not even close 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    C Art 1 year

    NCsoft can realease anything , no matter what i ll never play an ncsoft game ever again

  • comment-avatar
    Liah Fox 1 year

    Riot’s game of course has the most hype just because of company reputation. If Riot focused more on distribution they could have scary company growth as long as they keep the gestapo & censorship committees where they belong. Unemployed in their mom’s basement.

  • comment-avatar
    Filthy Casual 1 year

    I honestly really hate racials in games like i get that it sets a tone but its like bro I wanna be a tiny elf with a masive axe and beat the shit out of people is that so wrong?

  • comment-avatar
    Grassdancer 1 year

    It certainly would make sense for NCSOFT and ZOS to work on new big titles. GW2 and ESO are still massively popular, but both games are aging. If AoC should finally release and prove to live up to at least some of its hype, this will crash numbers for NC and ZOS. They need to work on new big titles to compete.

    Surprised Perfect New World does not feature in the vid, in the least as a rumour to be taken seriously, as Perfect World Entertainment has won Chinese State sponsorship, as far as I am aware. They have announced they are working on a new Perfect World, they did release a teaser, and that too could turn out massive. Perfect World International, while one of the most brutal p2w games imaginable, was amazing back in those days, far ahead of its time with some of its features, and the original Chinese version is still going strong, as far as I know.

  • comment-avatar
    Justin Hammer 1 year

    I thought ffxiv was the WoW killer. For realzs.

  • comment-avatar
    SkullStorm 1 year

    Throne and Liberty or Ashes of Creation?

  • comment-avatar
    David Back 1 year

    Fractured sounds a little like ita going to have SW galaxies vibes

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