Ashes of Creations 2023 Teasers Are Worrying…But Also Exciting

Ashes of Creations 2023 Teasers Are Worrying…But Also Exciting

Video by Narc
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  • comment-avatar
    LiK 1 year

    Man, if AoC never comes out, Narc can keep making content.

  • comment-avatar
    Runeboi69 1 year

    I haven’t looked at AOC in over a year. Never get too hyped or you will always be disappointed. I wish the mmo community would just chill and just explore the world and don’t wiki everything, just see what the world has to offer. Stop min/maxxing, stop spoiling the game for yourself.

  • comment-avatar
    ForceMaster 1 year

    My patience is legendary, I’m a veteran Star Citizen backer. 😂

  • comment-avatar
    Erkerkerkerk 1 year

    this looks like just another generic mmo, no one outside of AoC’s
    community of gullible nostalgia geeks is going to find this title vaguely remarkable or interesting at all

  • comment-avatar
    Mihai George Tanasescu 1 year

    Liked his vieos, now it feels like hes talking about nothing.

  • comment-avatar
    Amperz 1 year

    I feel like a lot of us that are wanting a good MMO are looking for the same feeling as the first time we played one . I’m sorry to say that won’t happen there’s lots of options better then what used to be and still doesn’t feel right. Ashes won’t be the MMO savior people are expecting

  • comment-avatar
    Xerachiel 1 year

    I know this game will flop
    And I really hope that happens.

    These devs that take money from players for them having them wait a decade to deliver a “game” should go out of bussiness.

  • comment-avatar
    Andy B 1 year

    I want asmons areshole

  • comment-avatar
    Poe's 1 year

    this wont be the THING that saves MMO’s … if it ever actualy releases and if it does it will most likely be something along the lines of early access … for forever if u believe this will ever be real and complete u are to on copium

  • comment-avatar
    Mike Kibby 1 year

    it looks great, but something seems off

  • comment-avatar
    Cedric Holmeier 1 year

    22:30 they already said they don’t want to avoid That – which worries me

  • comment-avatar
    SkyfoxPlays 1 year

    That’s because elden ring literally only got hyped by souls fans. Most people didnt even know it existed until it came out.

  • comment-avatar
    Styx Zero 1 year

    ffxiv storyline is voiceacted? Must have missed that part…

  • comment-avatar
    Bobby LongHorn 1 year

    I’m just disappointed that it appears to have EverQuest combat system, EverQuest great during it’s time, but the same combat system doesn’t need to be used in supposedly newer mmorpgs. Give this game BDO combat action and I’d be sold

  • comment-avatar
    Patrick Queen 1 year

    Asmongold got real quite after he shit on AA naval lolol

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